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Upcoming Events in Beijing

For all you music lovers.. Beijing this month will bring you several international artists.  After a ban of events during the Olympic and Paralympic period, music events are back.  To start off, this evening (Oct. 6) will be Avril Lavigne at the Wukesong Basketball Stadium.  Everyone is speculating which song will she sing in Chinese.

On Oct. 12, jazz lovers will get the chance to hear Diana Krall at the Beijing Exhibition Center Theatre.  Rock lovers will get the chance to see Linkin Park on stage at the Worker’s Stadium on October 19.  Kanye West will be visiting Beijing on November 1 with venue yet unknown.

For sports lovers, there will be a pre-season matchup between Milwaukee Bucks and the Golden State Warriors on October 18 at the Wukesong Basketball Stadium.  It seems like the Stadium is being put into good use.  Hopefully, more events will be showcased there as it’s really a marvel to see and would be a waste if nobody uses it.

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Beijing’s Modern Marvels

The lead up to the Olympic Games brought a flurry of construction in Beijing.  Buildings sprung up left and right as if everyone’s in a mood to construct.  Here’s a list of the modern marvels which you must see when you’re in town for a visit:

1.  National Stadium aka Bird’s Nest – This bnest91,000 seating capacity stadium is located north of the 4th ring road at the southern part of the Olympic Green.  It’s the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of both the Olympics and Paralympic Games.  It is also where the athletic events are being held.  Rumors said that it will be the home of Beijing Guo’an after the Games.

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