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Game Review: Slingo Supreme

I run through games like some people go through boy/girlfriends.  Well.. you can’t fault me as some games are boring while others lose their thrill once you’ve completed all stages.  My latest game which I’ve already deleted is Slingo Supreme.

Slingo Supreme is the latest of a series of Slingo games created by Slingo (Hehe! too many slingo in a sentence).  Slingo is a mix of Bingo and slot machine.  You have a card and a pattern where you try to complete by spinning the slot for a combination of numbers.  There are devils, angels, treasure chests, multipliers, coins and challenges.

In this latest Slingo, the island competitions were removed which sucks because you don’t have any more goals to complete.  If you don’t have a goal, there’s no sense of accomplishment.  You collect stars to purchase powerups which you can use in a game.  You start with one powerup and a maximum of 8 as you complete more cards.   The hard pattern is not even that hard and they don’t have the four cards in one game anymore.  I love those four cards in one game as it’s quite challenging.  You have an option to play either classic, supreme or challenge.

It’s an ok game if you want to take a break but it’s not something that you want to play in the long run.  Try it out and tell me if you share my opinion.


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