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Movie Review: Changeling

changelingAfter being busy for the past few weeks, it was quite a change to be able just to relax and watch a movie at home.  Marco recommended this movie so after dinner (pork chop and unedible tomato & eggs), we watched  “Changeling”.

Changeling is a drama film directed by Clint Eastwood.  The story begins in March 1928 in Los Angeles, California.  Christine Collins (Jolie) is a single mother of a 9 year old boy named Walter.  She’s working in a telephone company as switchboard manager when one day she came home later than usual to find his son missing.   She phoned the police asking for help but was initially rebuffed due to the 24 hour policy for missing persons.  At that time, the LAPD was considered a corrupt and cruel police force.  Wherein there word is law and if you contradict them, they can put you away.  Anyway, back to Christine’s missing son, after 5 months of so called investigation, the police found his son and reunited them in front of the media.  However, Christine insisted that the boy was not his son.  She presented several facts about his son such as the boy is shorter than 3 inches and uncircumcised, but the doctor which the police brought to interview the boy said otherwise.  When a reverend who has a radio show talked her into telling her story to the press, the police got wind of it and they hauled her to a mental institute and brand her as delusional.

A tip to the police about a boy who went in the country illegally yielded a horrific murder and kidnapping of more than 15 boys.  One of the boys identified was Christine’s son Walter.  When the story was released, the reverend was able to rescue Christine from the mental institute in a nick of time.  With the help of a very good lawyer, they were able to release all the ladies who were admitted unfairly and brought down the police captain and chief.  The guy who murdered the boys was sentenced to prison for 2 years then to be hanged.

It wasn’t a happy ending that I’m used to but the way they tell the story was good.  Angelina’s acting was superb but her lips are so distracting when it was full and painted red.  The story show how women were treated during the 20s and not to generalize everyone in a group as bad.  It was nice to see a good soul in the police force who did all he can to brought to light the murders.

Verdict:  4 out of 5.  The story was good but I’m more of  a happy ending person.  Kudos to Clint Eastwood!  He’s a great director

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