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March 2021 Personal Challenge Update

Spring has sprung and I would like to thank my readers for being my accountability partners in my personal challenge. For this month, here’s an update on how I’m doing. I know it’s not my usual post but I really need to write it all down to be accountable.


  • Log all food I ate. – Going strong. I’m not sure though if the calories intakes are correct.
  • 10 flights of stairs a day – There were three days in March that I missed completing this goal. On one of them, I missed it by 1 flight of stairs. I really thought I completed it but apparently not. On the second missed day, I was sick and my husband forbade me to complete it. On the third missed day, I had a late start and by the time it hit 12mn, I only completed 9 flights.
  • Strength training twice a week: This is still going but sometimes I don’t feel like doing it. Getting bored perhaps?
  • Plank for 2 mins: I added planking mid-month and started with 30 mins. I will gradually increase it till I hit my goal of 2 mins. Hopefully, I will be able to reach that 2 min goal. I’ve tried it several times before but I wasn’t able to complete it ever. The longest I’ve ever done is 1 min.
  • Eat salad once a week: I was able to eat salad once this month. I’ve been eating a lot of crab cakes too. I think I will remove this on my challenge for next month.
  • 6 months seizure free!!! I can now go back and drive!!
  • COVID-19 vaccine: I got my first dose last March 18 with my second dose scheduled on April 13.


  • Blog post every 3 days – I wasn’t able to complete it this month and I’ve been scrambling some of my scheduled posts as there were more life happening stuff towards the end of the month.
  • Instagram post every 3 days – Still didn’t happen. Maybe I should just aim for 5-10 posts a month? I’ll aim that next month. Here are my instagram accounts (@chefclaudine and @thecoffeedisciple). Chef Claudine is my personal account with posts about travel and food. The Coffee Disciple is our (husband and I) other account which focuses on coffee and everything about coffee.
  • Maximize blog theme – Images are becoming a part of my posts now. It seems like it’s making an impact. 51 visitors more this month. I’m hoping it will continue to increase.
  • Increase blog traffic to 1,000 visitors a day by year end – I changed my goal to visitors instead of views. For January, I had 140 visitors. For February, 105 visitors. For March, 156 visitors. I got my data from the stats information of WordPress.


  • Take photos of receipt every week for ReceiptHog and Fetch Rewards – Well, I haven’t missed a week so far but I just make sure that I can take a photo even 1. My Receipt Hog coins increased to 4,201 from 3,832. To maximize my redemption of coins, I would need 6,500 coins for $40 Visa/Amazon/Paypal. My Fetch Rewards points increased to 13,485 from 11,308. If you want to join ReceiptHog, download the app from Google Play or Apple Store and enter my referral code: jut33746. For Fetch Rewards, my referral code is JBJQ1.
  • Balikbayan Box: Box #2 is on its way to the Philippines. I bought too much for Box #2 that it didn’t fit. Box #3 is on its way to be half filled. I’m still hopeful that I would be able to reach my 8 boxes goal. I need to hustle as by October, I usually end my box side hustle for the year.
  • Stock Market Income – this month, I sold all my Chevron stocks and earned $23. I was hesistant at first since it gives good dividends. However, the stock price took a long time to recover from last year’s dip. For dividends, I earned $10.80.
  • Budget Tracker: This month, we challenged ourselves to log all our expenses and income. This would allow us to create a budget to ourselves for the future. It also shocked us on what we are spending.


  • Accounting Specialist Class – I’m in the thick of this class right now that’s why I’m neglecting some of my other goals. We are more than half way over. Classes end April 29.
  • Income Tax Course – this won’t start until August as it’s still tax season. BTW, federal income tax due date is now May 17, 2021.
  • Other classes – after my Accounting Specialist class and if I don’t have work, I’m planning to take the payroll specialist class. I’m still waiting for their reply on the schedule.

That’s it! Take care everyone!


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