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Watching the Orioles at Camden Yards

It seems to be a yearly tradition between my husband and his best friend Dave to watch an Orioles game at the Camden Yards. So when we went up north for a week long vacation, they didn’t pass up to stop by Baltimore for an Orioles game at the Camden Yards.

The Oriole Park at Camden Yards is home to the Baltimore Orioles. It’s a major league ballpark located in Baltimore, Maryland. It was completed in 1992 to replace Memorial Stadium. Across the parking lot is the M&T Bank Stadium which is home to the Baltimore Ravens.

It was a warm June 4th evening. We arrived at the parking lot at 5:45pm. Game is set to start at 7:05pm. The game is between the Orioles and the Indians. Parking is prepaid and we got ours from Stubhub at Parking Lot B. A small purse and an unopened bottle of water is the only thing you can bring inside. Well, if you have a cap or baseball mitt, that’s also allowed. If your purse is bigger than what they allow, you can rent a locker for $10.

This isn’t my first baseball game. My first one was in 2018 with my sister watching the SF Giants. I know what to expect and I expected to be bored. We were lucky that for that game, they gave a floppy hat freebie. That’s the only thing I’m after!

So when the gates opened at 6:05pm. They checked our tickets, passed through security and were handed our floppy hats (Wheee!). Masks were required when you’re walking and not eating or drinking. We went around the entire stadium checking out the stores, the amenities and the food. My husband and Dave wanted to get the Orange Crush. For me, I just wanted a coke and nachos.

Once we found our seats, my husband went to hunt down some snacks for us to munch. I got my nachos, my husband and Dave got their booze and hotdogs! Since it’s COVID, there weren’t any vendors roaming around selling their wares. I got a quick lesson from Dave on everything baseball.

The first 6 innings were boring. Our team was down by 2. On the 7th inning, things became exciting. There was a questionable home run, a lot of foul balls, terrific saves, walk off and cat and mouse chase. The fans were standing and cheering for the team. Of course, in between the two team plays, everybody’s favorite tune “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” was played. In the end, the Orioles won and the home team fans were happy!

This game experience was different from the previous ball game I’ve watched. The first one was a little bit chilly while this one was a bit warm. The first game, the Giants lost while this one, the Orioles won. The one common denominator was the game tends to be boring at times.

Will I watch it again? Maybe if they will give out freebies! Till my next ball game!


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