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Sukhothai Imperial (粟库泰泰式餐厅)

img051_b01_02If you’re a Christian expat, you might be worshipping at BICF 21st Century.  If you’re like me, you would be one of the people who attend the 1130am worship service and thus will come out hungry afterwards.  Luckily, Lucky Street (好运街) is just beside 21st Century Hotel.

Lucky Street is a block of restaurants and bars for the hungry and night owls.  In this stretch, Sukhothai beckons to all Thai food lovers.  They have the traditional Tom Yam Kung Soup (RMB28/bowl), Som Tam Thai (Green Papaya Salad, RMB 29), Pad Thai (Rice Noodles with Shrimp and Peanuts, RMB 36) and Rung Nok (Sweet Bird’s Nest with Thai Coconut Milk, RMB 68).  The food their is tasty with a twist of Chinese to cater to the local people.  The interior of the restaurant is typically Thai and they also sell Thai jewelry and gift items.  Oh yeah.. slide the door to your right and not push when you enter the restaurant.

For those who live within 5 kms of the restaurant, they offer free delivery for a minimum order of RMB 50.  Beyond 5 kms, there will be an extra service charge.  To order for delivery, their number is 10-58670211.  The restaurant is open from Monday to Friday from 1030-1430 and 1700-2230 and Saturday to Sunday from 1030-2230.

Here’s a menu of what you can order (prices subject to change):

1.  Appetizer:

  • Tod Man Kung (Pla) – Deep fried prawns (fish) cake with Thai Sauce, RMB 42
  • Kai Hor Bai Toey – Fried chicken wrapped in pandan leaves, RMB 36   <Taste good!>
  • Satay – Grilled marinated chicken or beef or pork, RMB 8/stick
  • Por Pew Tod – Deep fried spring rolls with minced pork in Thai sauce, RMB 24
  • Peed Kai Tod – Chicken wings cooked in Thai style, RMB 32
  • Kai Jeew Gung – Omelet Thai style stuffed with minced shrimps, RMB32
  • Kor Mu Yang – Grilled pork with Thai chili sauce, RMB 32
  • Mixed appetizers for two people, RMB 42

2.  Soup (by the bowl good for 1 person):

  • Tom Yam Kung – Traditional Thai soup with prawns flavored with lemongrass, RMB 28
  • Tom Kha Kai – Spicy soup with chicken in coconut milk flavored with glangal and fresh lime, RMB 28
  • Fish Maw Soup – Clear soup with fish stomach, RMB 28
  • Gang Jeed Wonsain Musab – Clear soup with glass noodle and pork, RMB 28

3.  Salad

  • Yam Pla Tuna – Spicy salad with tuna fish, RMB 38
  • Yam Woon San – Crystal noodle salad with shrimps with fresh chili, RMB 29
  • Kung Char Nam Pla – Fresh prawns salad with Thai chili sauce, RMB 66
  • Nam Tok (Mu/Nua) – Grilled (Beef/Pork) salad with roasted ground rice and chili powder, RMB 38
  • Som Tam Thai – Traditional green papaya salad, RMB 29
  • Yam Lady Finger – Fried crispy chicken feet salad with spicy sauce, RMB 29
  • Lab Mu – Minced pork salad with Thai herbs, RMB 32
  • Yam Talay – Prawns, mussels, crab and squid in spicy salad dressing, RMB 39
  • Mango – Spicy grapefruit salad, RMB 29
  • Salad Phon La Mai – Fresh tropical fruit salad, RMB 29

4.  Fish:

  • Pla Neng Manow (Pla Jeen/Kaw) – Steamed (mandarin / garoupa) fish with fresh lime and Thai chili, RMB 118/mandarin fish or RMB 158/garoupa
  • Pla Yag (Pla Jeen/Kaw) – Grilled (mandarin / garoupa) fish with Thai herbs served with chili sauce, RMB 118/mandarin fish or RMB 158/garoupa
  • Pla Rard Prik (Pla Jeen/Kaw) – Deep fried (mandarin / garoupa) fish with three flavours, RMB 118/mandarin fish or RMB 158/garoupa
  • Pla Jaramed Tod Kra-Theim or Prew Wan – Deep fried pomfret fish with garlic or sweet and sour sauce, RMB 98

5.  Prawns:

  • Ka-lee Kung Tod – Deep fried king prawn with curry and ginger powder, RMB 38/pc
  • Choo Chee Kung – Fried king prawns in red curry sauce, RMB 38/pc
  • Kung Pad Prik Thai Dam – Sauteed prawns with chili and black peppercorn, RMB 98
  • Kung Pad Tao-Cee – Sauteed prawns with black bean and bell pepper, RMB 90
  • Gung Tod Ka Teem Prik Thai.  Fried fresh king prawns with lots of garlic and black pepper, RMB 38/pc
  • Kung Pad Pong Ka-Lee – Sauteed king prawns with curry powder and celery, RMB 98

6.  Crab:

  • Pu Pad Fukyong – Sauteed crab with golden pumpkins in thick curry sauce, RMB 118
  • Pu Pad Prid Thai Dam – Fried fresh crabs with lots of garlic and black pepper, RMB 108
  • Pu Pad Pong Ka Lee – Fried fresh crabs with Thai curry paste, RMB 118

7.  Curry:

  • Gang Keew Wan (Nua/Kai/Mu/Pak/Thao Hu) – Green curry with pork/chicken/beef/vegetables/beancurd and bamboo shoot with coconut milk, RMB 58
  • Gang Pad Paid Yang – Red curry with roast duck, pineapple and coconut milk, RMB 58
  • Gang Ka-Lee (Nua/Kai/Mu/Pak/Thao Hu) – Yellow curry with pork/chicken/beef/vegetables/beancurd and bamboot shoot with coconut milk, RMB 58
  • Gang Massaman (Nua/Kai) – Mass man curry with beef or chicken potatoes with coconut milk, RMB 58
  • Gang Kou Sapparod Kung – Red curry with shrimps and pineapple with coconut mlk, RMB 58
  • Gang Pet (Nua/Kai/Mu/Pak/Thao Hu) – Red curry with pork/chicken/beef/vegetable/beancurd and bamboot shoot with coconut milk, RMB 58.

8.  Meat and Poultry:

  • Pad Krapaw (Kai/Mu/Nua) – Fried minced chicken/beef/pork with basil leaves and Thai chili, RMB 32
  • Pad Prik Thai Dam (Kai/Nua) – Sauteed sliced chicken/beef with black pepper, RMB 38
  • Talay Pad Nam Prig Paow – Sauteed mixed seafood with Thai chili sauce, RMB 78
  • Nua Tod – Deep fried beef with some raisin and lemongrass, RMB 38  <Fantastic!>
  • Steak Laos Nua – Grilled marinated beef with mixed vegetable, RMB 69
  • Cee Klong Mu Tod Kateem Prik Thai – Fried cartillage pork with lots of garlic, RMB 48
  • Pad Kee Mao (Mu/Nua) – Sauteed sliced beef/pork with long bean, RMB 38
  • Kai Yang – Grilled chicken in Thai style, RMb 28

9.  Vegetable:

  • Pad Kana Pla-Kem – Sauteed kale in oyster sauce and chili with salted fish, RMB 29
  • Pad Broccoli Krub Gung – Sauteed small prawns dumpling with broccoli in soy sauce, RMB 48
  • Pad Pak Buong – Sauteed morning glory with shrimp paste and chili, RMB 26
  • Pad Krapaw Pak – Sauteed mixed vegetable with basil leaves, RMB 29
  • Pad Het – Sauteed mixed mushrooms in Thai style, RMB 29
  • Pad Ma-Khue – Sauteed eggplant in Thai style, RMB 29
  • Pad Green Beans – Sauteed green bean with Thai seafood paste, RMB 32

10.  Rice Noodle:

  • Kaw Ob Sapparod – Fried rice with minced shrimps and chicken in half pineapple, RMB 32
  • Kaw Pad Kung – Fried rice with shrimps, RMB 28
  • Kaw Kouk Ka Pe – Fried rice with shrimp paste, RMB 28
  • Kaw Pad Kra-Paw (Mu/Nua) – Fried rice with spicy minced pork or beef with basil leaves, RMB 28
  • Kaw Pad Kalee – Fried rice with red curry paste, RMB 28
  • Kaw Pad Pla-Kem – Fried rice with salted fish, RMB 28
  • Pad Thai – Sauteed Thai rice noodle with shrimps and peanuts, RMB 36
  • Rad Na Ta-Lay – Sauteed noodle on top with seafood in brown sauce, RMB 38
  • Tom Yam Kung with Noodle – Spicy noodle soup with prawns and bean sprout, RMB 38
  • Spaghetti Pad Hoy Lai – Sauteed spaghetti with clam and tomato, RMB 38
  • Kuy Teew Pad Kalee – Sauteed Thai rice noodle with curry paste, RMB 38
  • Pad Cee Ew Nua – Sauteed noodle with beef, RMB 28
  • Kaw Tom Pla – Congee with sliced fish, RMB 28
  • Kaw Tom Mu – Boiled rice soup with sliced pork, RMB 22

11.  Dessert:

  • Rung Nok Pae Kuay – Sweet bird’s nest with gingko nut, RMB 68
  • Runk Nok – Sweet bird’s nest with Thai coconut milk, RMB 68
  • Sacu – Sweet sago with golden bean peaste with coconut milk, RMB 18
  • Tab Tiem Krob – Sweet water chestnut with tapioca and crushed ice, RMB 18
  • Kaw Neew Ma Muang – Steamed sticky rice in coconut milk served with sweet mango, RMB 28
  • Sago – Sweet sago with coconut milk, RMB 15
  • San Ka Ya – Pumpkin custard with coconut flavors, RMB 23

Address: 朝阳区枣营路29号

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