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CSI .. Which is the BEST???

csiCSI or Crime Scene Investigation is becoming one of the longest TV series in the US. It started with CSI Las Vegas with William Petersen acting as Gil Grissom as the head of the crime scene unit. They’ve had successful runs as they’re in their 9th season. They’ve lost two of their original crew and have a new CSI this season. In the beginning, it was a must watch but after 8 seasons some of their plots seem to be recurring and their appeal seems to be dwindling. Also, I think you’ve seen the whole of Las Vegas from watching all their episodes.

csi_miamiThe second CSI is based in Miami with David Caruso acting as Lt. Horatio Caine as the head of the crime scene unit. This CSI is the one I like the least. I hate it when Lt. Caine poses as he waits or looks or they change the scene. The story isn’t as great as the other two CSI. The episode I like the best is when they collaborated with CSI: NY. Some of the actresses here looks superficial and their plots are shallow and without substance. They mostly revolve in drugs, human trafficking and illegal immigration. The cliffhanger of the last season was wasted as not even halfway to the first episode of this season, Lt. Caine was already alive and kicking. Nowadays, I just watch this show when I don’t have anything to watch anymore.

csi_ny_logoThe third CSI is based in New York and Gary Sinise portray the role of Mac Taylor. The actors in this series are like the best not only in terms of acting experience but also in educational background. The twists in the plot keeps you in your seat and make you want to watch more. The stories are more realistic and their seems to be a seamless way on how they solve their cases. I always look forward to Thursday as I can download the latest episode. I hope they will be able to keep their momentum and keep their viewers satisfied. Also, I hope they keep Adam(A.J. Buckley) as a lab cadet as his role in the lab is important and his crush on Det. Bonasera is so cute.

So.. which among the three do you think is the best?


8 thoughts on “CSI .. Which is the BEST???

  1. CSI beats the other shows any day! Great writing, great acting, great editing.
    Grissom is the best, then Mac and old fugly Caruso

  2. I’m leaning towards Mac now then Grissom then Caruso.. I really can’t stand how they put several scenes where Caruso is posing with his signature shades. Also, they look like they’re modelling there instead of acting.

  3. Caruso is without substance. They could replace him with a cardboard figure and nobody would notice any difference.
    CSI was the first show I watched and I just love how the characters gel together. Nobody is more important than the other. The stories are believable – and they have a great chemistry.
    I’m just watching CSI NY weekend. I like Stella and MAC – they have a fine chemistry.

  4. hahaha replace caruso with cardboard figure! I like CSI Miami because it’s always sunny in Miami while it’s a bit dark in NY. Although i dont like caruso’s posing and talking to a person while looking away. I also don’t like the cheesy shots of caruso.

    CSI LV is ok but you’re right it’s getting boring except for episodes nearing the end of a season. NY is ok but haven’t seen a lot of episodes from it yet.

  5. I think they don’t need to shoot any promo shots for Caruso anymore as they can just pick one of the poses he has on the show and make it as a still shot then add CSI:Miami on it. Hehehe.. It really is irritating!

  6. I love all three!!!

    But CSI LV and CSI NY is quite much better than CSI Miami!!!

    I can’t choose betveen those two..

    they are just GREAT!!

  7. CSI Las Vegas is the best ever created CSI with its finest actors and actresses , especially Gil Grissom. CSI Las Vegas is not only a mind twisting episodes and scenes but it is also blended with action and comedy.

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