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TV Show Review: Bling Empire

Bling Empire is a Netflix reality TV series following LA’s wildy wealthy Asian and Asian American fun seekers as they go all out with fabulous parties, glamour and drama. If you think it’s similar to the movie Crazy Rich Asian, it is but longer as it has 8 episodes.

The TV series follow the lives of Anna Shay, Kelly Mi Li, Kevin Kreider, Kane Lim, Christine Chiu, Gabriel Chiu, Jamie Xie, Cherie Chan, Guy Tang, Andrew Gray, Jessey Lee, Kim Lee.

Parties featured are Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, 100 day party, 1st birthday party, spa party, yoga party and a launch party. Anna who’s rich, very generous and with a grudge against Christine. Christine and Gabriel are a couple and have a baby boy nicknamed Baby G. Cherie and Jessey who are in a relationship with 2 kids but not yet married. Kevin is an adopted Korean model but a little bit lacking in the brains. Kelly and Andrew who are in an on and off relationship (Anna, Kevin, Kane and I prefer they just break it off and never get back together). Kim Lee is a DJ. Kane is rich but gay. Guy Tang is a stylist and in a relationship. Jamie is an influencer and trust fund baby.

A cousin of mine commented that the show is “trashy but very addicting”. I’m almost done with the first season and what I’ve seen so far, they spend way too much. They love name dropping, couture, showcasing their jewelries and one-upping the other. The dramas in their lives seems shallow and I prefer just to fast forward it.

All in all, I would just prefer not to watch the second season because I cannot relate to them and their lives are pretty shallow. If the producers can put a little bit of substance in the story line, I might be encourage to watch it again. I prefer a different kind of reality show. This is way to dry and blah.


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