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10 Ways To Save Money Grocery Shopping

Have you heard the news about the Colonial Pipeline hack or that major brands are planning to increase prices? Maybe you’ve seen your grocery bills getting higher or the number of items in your cart getting fewer with the same amount of money you’ve been paying. Well.. if you’ve been noticing them, you’re not alone. With prices on not just you’re daily essentials as well as gas prices on the rise, here are some ways you can save money while grocery shopping.

Plan Meals on a Weekly or Bi-Monthly Basis: One less grocery run will save you a great deal of money (grocery items and gas). Planning meals will help you on what you need to buy, what’s in the pantry and lower your calories. As my ESMM instructor said, cooking meals at home will save you money and you know what goes on it to lower your calories.

Don’t Go Shopping Hungry: if you bring your kids grocery shopping, try to schedule your shopping after lunch or after dinner. If you or the kids are hungry, you will be tempted to buy something not on your list to eat on the way home.

Don’t Be Shy Buying Store Brands or Generic Medicine: I previously read an article about Kirkland products produced by major brands and how much money you’re saving buying them. It’s not just Kirkland for Costco or Member’s Mark for Sam’s. Even Walgreens medicine work the same ways as your Advil or Imodium. If you’re really crunching the numbers, go generic or store brands. Shy away if you’ve tried them and it really doesn’t work for you.

Buy in Bulk: Remember the great TP apocalypse last year when the pandemic hit? Try to buy non-perishables in bulk if you have storage space. P&G announced that they will increase prices in September while Kimberly-Clark will increase prices in late June. If you have a baby and you use diapers, try to stock them up as those will be the items that will increase significantly.

Buy Frozen Vegetables: My brother got me into stir frying chicken, pork or shrimp when I asked some easy recipes to cook when we are busy. So when we went to Costco, I bought a bag of Stir Fry Vegetables which I then portioned out when we got home. In our local grocery, I also bought some frozen mixed vegetables (corn, carrots, peas, string beans) which I use for fried rice or cook in butter, you have a side dish.

Buy Frozen Shrimp or Fish: Most frozen shrimp or fish in grocery stores are previously frozen. If you can buy them in bulk in Costco or Sam’s, do so and just portion them out at home. However, if you live near the sea and can get them fresh, that would be better for taste and health.

Shop Sales or Clearance: Don’t feel bad if you head to the clearance shelf especially if you find something that you can use before their expiry date. Once in awhile, I visit the clearance shelf and find some good deals with expiry date a year or two away. Other than that, I wait for the weekly sale ad to check what I can buy based on my list.

Join Store Loyalty Program: Our local store loyalty program gives us a 10 cent discount on fuel for every 100 points we have. At one point, we got $1 discount on our fuel which was a big chunk for a full tank of fuel for our mini-van. I always look forward to the weekly ad on Wednesday and the Special Ad on Friday as they sometime gives out free stuff for the weekend or special sale for their members. We can sometimes buy a dozen large eggs for $0.77. We stock up since my stepson can eat 3 sunny side up for breakfast.

Buy In Season: In-season produce will be cheaper because it’s so bountiful. Strawberries are in-season right now in North Carolina so I’m loving it. I get my cup of fruit a day with strawberries. I also can’t wait to hit the beach as blue crabs are in-season right now.

Grow Your Own Vegetables or Fruits: If you have a green thumb, grow your own vegetables or fruits. I admire those who can grow their own vegetables or fruits in their backyard or in their balcony. Mine always die. If you’re successful, that’s one less item in your list that can cut into your budget.


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